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Idra vs Root Gaming, how dead wow REALLY is?

Yesterday Root took turns playing against Idra while he was laddering. Although Idra easily defeated ROOTcatz and ROOTdestiny he fell to Minigun's super skillful sentry spam build. Idra's ever so predictable roach/hydra/infestor build just couldn't work with all the force fields. Idra rage ensued:

Today, during the EG masters cup, EG was conveniently playing against Root. First match is non other than Idra vs Minigun (lol) using the exact same strat Miningun 2-1'd Idra. After that morale was definitely lost for the team of EG as they all lost their series vs their respective Root opponents. EGAxslav lost to ROOTKiwikaki and EG(fat)strifCro lost to ROOTdrewbie. Really?

The matches after Idra were pretty much a joke, Root completely dominated EG and made EG look like Silver league players. What is it about EG and sponsoring the most average players for both Starcraft and WoW?

In boring WoW related news:

I recently stumbled upon a post where Affix was talking about how he bought Reckful's transfer from Blackrock to Tich for 10k gold which Reckful never paid, lol. Jewish much?

How sad, it's like Batman when the world (of warcraft) needs a hero to look up to in the darkest of times and I (the joker) expose him for the fraud, FotM, rating camper he really is. This game is as dead as Osama as the PvErs are bored to death and are rage quitting because of lol Encounter Journal (google it) and the the PvP scene dwindles down more and more everyday. The TR was a complete waste of money unless you plan on running Warlock/Shaman/X or anything with a frost DK.

WCG will probably back out on their plans to include WoW in their roster as no new information has been given and qualifying phase has already started for other games. Either they're going to take the top 8 from the TR and use that as the Blizzcon and WCG qualifiers or they completely scratched the idea. Either way I'm sure the prize money for 1st place for a game like WoW wont break the 3k mark.

Xfire, the only streaming site that doesn't ban people for streaming WoW has also gone barren. You know this is true when an African American S5 glad DK is 1st in views daily (averaging about 150 viewers daily). Very proud day for us members of the NAACP.

It's come down to the point where I'm 100% certain that the SC2 campaign at casual level takes more skill and dedication than playing at 3k MMR on BG9 (still the best and most competitive BG in the world)

RIP WoW 20??-Whenever Cata was released.


Nadagast tries to StarCraft

(watch stream here:

First game if IGN pro league. Players get named. Nadagast vs. Lalush. Commentators present Nadagast as a pro WoW player. Stream laughs. Nadagast loses after trying to turtle all day.


Gymped wintrading to R1 now?

I'm too lazy to blog about it so I'll just leave this here:


Tournament realm is up, Which teams will qualify, arena rumors!

Tournament Realm is up
After months of waiting and speculations, the newly named 'Arena Pass' realm is up and running. Thousands of 1800 caliber teams will pay $20 to play in a sandbox that will last about 8 weeks, they will be able to make 3 characters and find future long life friends. Expect to see retard comps like Double Frost DK/Shaman (Blizztard cleave), LSD and KFC. Looks like EU will have more cheese comps to run at Blizzcon this year and potentially take another undeserving tournament.

Alliance - Arena Tournament 1
Horde - Arena Tournament 2

Who will qualify?
Now this all just early speculation (but as it's coming from me it might as well be passed on as facts)

Reckful ( I'm pretty sure he WON'T be running with Talbadar and Mayo as shadow priests and druids aren't at the peak they were at during the first few months of the season. He will most likely run RLS with Toez and Snutz or RMP with Venruki and Sodah. I still suspect he will magically get R1 with that comp on bg9, though.

Talbadar + Mayo- They will probably have to go with slightly-above-average warlock Nadagast (since Azael doesn't like Mayo) and play shadowplay (or w/e the comp is called) The comp usually isn't very good vs RLS and chances are there will be quite a few,

Woundman- Woundman has been doing some soul searching for the past few months. Trying very hard to adapt to the new Cata game play and trying to outplay all these cheese comps that came with it. Azael, Cdew and Woundman are still a force to be reckoned with. Woundman officially dropped Assassination after trying to make it work at the beginning of Cata with very little success. I highly doubt Azael will be commentating at this years Blizzcon.

Big F-ing Benys- After going thorough a very disappointed dilemma with their shaman last year, this team might just make a comeback this year. Playing with Hornmitten (who is way better than Gravemind) this team has a serious chance of qualifying as they have taken R1 from Reckful on BG9, lets just hope their shaman doesn't "accidentally" drop from team again and stop them from attending. Will we finally be blessed with Benys' physique?

Fatvirus- After this brave soul attended MLG, Filo has kept pretty quiet. According to Gymped, Filo has actually improved a lot since his last showing at the now late MLG. Running Shadowcleave with Massives and Kollektive, this team will definitely have to work to qualify. Unless Massives decides to go frost.

Till next time friends!


Jamage will wintrade to r1

A few weeks ago Gymped, Yog, Velsus and Neilyo transferred to Cenarius to get R1 before the season ends. Unfortunately average mage Jamage made it clear he won't let that happen and publicly made it clear he would wintrade and "bug people" out of arena by DCing them. That's right, the so called DC bug is actually player caused. It's not clear how they do it but it was happening almost every match when Gymped was streaming.

Jamage gave them an ultimatum and ask them to join his 3s team(ONLY BECAUSE HE THOUGHT GYMPED WAS ACTUALLY HOODRYCH, LOL) to secure them R1 and avoid competition and dirty play with them. Nice job hiring wintraders skill-capped. Average rogue Perryo had other plans for Gymped, however:

[6:00:43 PM] Perry: u better join jamage charter asap
[6:00:47 PM] Perry: like today
[6:00:51 PM] Branden Vullo: why?
[6:00:58 PM] Perry: u wont take him down
[6:01:00 PM] Perry: hes very powerful
[6:01:31 PM] Perry: he will wintrade rite by u if u do manage to pass them in rating (which u wont until they fix the game bcuz we qd over and over and same thing happened to us is happening to u
[6:03:12 PM] Perry: join jamage charter
[6:04:15 PM] Perry: if u can fit
[6:04:19 PM] Perry: raped sry had 2 fit that in there
[6:04:22 PM] Perry: and then
[6:04:26 PM] Perry: q and fuck there teamover
[7:22:43 PM] Perry:
[7:23:28 PM] Perry: who
[7:23:38 PM] Perry: do u mean
[7:23:44 PM] Perry: o
[7:23:47 PM] Perry: ill give u clif notez
[7:23:53 PM] Perry: sec
[7:24:25 PM] Perry: ryan payne= the person who thru 30 games to jamagex team.
[7:24:32 PM] Perry: in return for jamage to play on there mage
[7:24:32 PM] Perry: to help them get glad
[7:26:03 PM] Perry: u wont get it with how bugged mmr is and them wintraidng lmfao
[7:26:28 PM] Perry: got tons more content but requires 2 much reading 4 u i imagine
[7:27:41 PM] Perry: then theres this that rogue that claimed thaty made a fake skype: notice diff birthdate no profile pic and diff skype name as well as blacked out everything indicating times so they dont get exposed.
[7:27:42 PM] Perry:
[7:28:10 PM] Perry: him trying 2 derail it
[7:28:14 PM] Perry: claiming someone else was on his skype


Buggiest patch that ever lived, Movie time

Tuesday was two days ago, today is Thursday which means yesterday was Wednesday and tomorrow will be FRIDAY!

In all seriousness, the 4.1 patch is the buggies patch that ever existed. Full of MMR bugs, class specific bugs and a whole bunch of other stuff. With how bad this patch is you have to wonder what seat quality assurance was sitting in when they gave the "OK" to release this patch.

One of the major bugs (which apparently has been hotfixed already) was affecting the way druid energy worked. Whenever an Omen of Clarity proc would be present with an already active Predator's Swiftness buff, the druids clarity proc would not be consumed. Thus giving the druid infinite energy. GG blizzard. This bug was used by Mexi-druid, Dizzybonne (alongside many other shit tier druids like Hype), to finally break the 2.4k mark after months of blaming the fact that they were playing at 2700 mmr which fuked their team rating over. Lol. Even with the bug they still went 30-31, pathetic, but that might just be an error due to another bug...

The MMR bug returns! Surprise, surprise. Can't say I didn't see some shit like this coming. All the 1800 KFC randomly shooting up 400+ pts and finally being able to get their T2, 2200 caliber RMPs suddenly queuing at 2700 MMR, win/loss rations completely distorted. At this point in the game I think it would be best just to reset the fucking ladders already (not like laddering maters, War Games @ Tich All day) This season is turning out to be a bigger joke than S8 with 2 major MMR exploits and warriors + shamans being complete and borderline retarded.

Some abilities are also completely ignoring resil such as UA dispels, ambush and mindblast causing absurd amounts of damage. Hot fix is underway, however.

Post master, Lopez, has compiled a list of other major bugs in an Arena Junkies post. Check there for the rest as I grow tired of talking about this and want to finish this blog today so I can party on Friday.

Arena Junkies Post

Omg, Movie TIME!

The great Neilyo released an instructional RvR video on Skill-Crapped. The video starts out pretty mediocre as Neilyo completely gays Litreo and Opi after opening on them. Things get rather interesting at the end, however, as the fast paced, reaction dependent duels really paned out to almost being as entertaining as they once were; at least when he was dueling Litreo and Opi. Hinatasan, however, made a complete fool of himself. The try hard rogue (who thinks he's better than he actually really is) asked Neilyo for duels, then later was shown asking him for tips. Hey shitter, how about you pay for one-on-one classes like the rest of us! According to Neilyo, he was trying to get on skype with him to "talk about RvR strategies" I assume Neilyo would have done all the talking had he not declined the offer to the peasant rogue.

Vileroze released his 5th movie last week and MY GOD, his movies are always amazing. His play style is like no other still managing to play quite flawlessly as if mages still had the capabilities they once had in wrath. Some of the music in his movie was a bit played out but whatever. He's known for stealing songs and making them HIS OWN. a solid 8/10!

Cute priest, Pompalompa also released his video last week. This priest is quickly making a name for himself with his impressive movies. Muse music is always a plus in my book and he makes it work well in his video. His videos are quickly become almost 'hydra like' as it somewhat makes you want to play a priest above a godly shaman. Good movie solid 8/10!


Billian checks in a psych ward, Movie time, Arena selling woes (originally posted on tumblr on Apr 13th, 2011)

So after taking my long awaited bubble bath of the week, I go to my vanilla scented room, dimly turn on my brightness adjustable lamp and awake my computer from its short lived slumber. As I lotion my self up (don't like feeling ashy) I open a tab to see if any anyone interesting is streaming, to my surprise Deuss was actually doing arenas for once. A bigger surprise was to find the Fadezz in stream going on about one of the most entertaining super villains in the arena scene, Billian. As he told everyone of Billian's slow and painful meltdown he also told us he had just turned 20, congratulations to him. Anyways, back to the story. Appearently Billian's megalomania was the perpetrator in this sad tale of complete physical and mental breakdown.

Billian often described himself as the best looking WoW player. He had such a strong self image of both his physical appearance and his skill that, in his eyes, was never properly reflected back to him. He would always post pictures of himself on AJ and his xfire streams to seek not only acceptance but pity. Drama after drama after more drama was the vicious cycle you had to deal with if you were in anyway associated with the psychopath. His egotistical personality became rather troll, if you will, toward the end. Threads were made for the sole purpose of getting reactions and him indulging in the misery and misfortune of others. I always used to say Billian was a bodybuilder with a nerdy face but my god, this next pic takes it to a whole new level:

Things, however, went completely downhill for Billian when he posted a rather humiliating post (which can be found here) after he thought he was taking R1 in 5's. That was not the case, fortunately. A team by the name of 'Dont kill comfort' took R1 in the last minute before the servers went down and titles were handed out. Billian immediately deleted his post which was later re posted by Reckful himself. Billian did not stop there, for that post was merely a set back. A few weeks after Cata came out, Billian switched to his pally and Abn was still arcane. This upset Billian and Kigz as frost was ridiculously overpowered. Billian finally became fed up with Abn's stubbornness and publicly booted him from his team and made another post to humiliate Abn (link coming soon)

Billian continued down the road of self destruction as, apparently, some e-chick screwed him over.

[01:20] Fadezzilla: no drama
[01:20] Fadezzilla: bilian knew that
[01:20] Fadezzilla: never made a big deal out of it
[01:20] Fadezzilla: to bad he snapped tho
[01:20] Fadezzilla: i feel kinda sorry for him
[01:20] Fadezzilla: i knew him since BC
[01:20] Fadezzilla: and it was just a down hill slope for him
[01:20] Fadezzilla: once that echick fucked his head

After a while, it dawned on Billian that he literally had nothing. After all that time invested into this game he ended up with nothing. Billian was one of those people that thrived on people hating him. It came to the point where not even his teammates liked him. The game just got the best of him. It made him, molded him and it later destroyed him. According to Faddez he recently checked himself into a Psych ward. One player heading for a similar story is Gymped :(

[01:22] Fadezzilla: yeah
[01:22] Fadezzilla: it drove him crazy
[01:22] Fadezzilla: that i took wglad from him in 3s too
[01:22] Fadezzilla: :)
[01:22] Fadezzilla: but yeah
[01:22] Fadezzilla: even though hes a miserable human being
[01:22] Fadezzilla: its still sad

PVP movie time:

Mayo released his second movie last week and although the game play was grate the music taste was horrible, along with the unfunny skype convos. You can't expect too much, however, from a Jesus loving freak like him.

meh. 5/10

Kollektiv also released his 3rd (?) movies last week. Although I didn't quite enjoy it as much as his previous (mainly due to the fact that he didn't cast shit) it's deff worth a watch. Some of the matches are quite long but the music makes them a little less painful.

ok. 7.5/10

Neilyo series turned 16 this week after his latest release. What is there to say? amazing rogue, amazing play. His music is always so original and daring. Take a hint you dubstep loving retards. After reading his interview on AJ I must say I really hope he goes to WCG, would be amazing to see him back in tournaments.

Good. 8/10

There is a major rumor going around that shaking all arena selling services to the core. Well, two mainly, Eranking and Arenaratings. Apparently there is someone who is going to publish a list of everyone who bought any sort of packages from those 2 websites and publish them along with emails and character names. The unknown source is currently working for an up and coming arena selling website that will be marketed as "safe" hence the publishing of other websites customers!

Watch out!!

Trip Deeps Drama (originally posted on tumblr on Apr 7th, 2011)

About 2-3 weeks ago, a triple DPS team surfaced on BG9s prestigious 3v3 ladder. Running Hunter/ret/rogue this team full of rival tier players quickly climbed to 2600ish. The team consisted of Dork, Nicolascage and team leader Hinatasan. While nobody really noticed or cared for them at first, the spotlight was suddenly shinning on them when someone made a thread on arena junkies.

i played these guys like 9x last night and lmao they do not deserve their ratings

i think we went like 7-2 vs them because at first we had no idea what to expect and they just globalled our shammy

but the next games the hunter fucking backpedals, runs in and lets us get into combat so we dont get sapped, and the pally didnt bubble in 2 of the games. they literally blow all their cooldowns in the most retarded manner i've ever seen

i have no idea if the rogue is half decent because all he does is open on the shammy and use 2 vanishes to garrote and cloak and pray they get a kill

The team is now disbanded as Hinatasan was spamming for new teammates earlier today after his teammates were secretly trying to replace him with Litreocoloa behind his back. Pathetic.

After the SS was posted, Hinatasan replied:

I've been getting hacked the past week and we lost about 5 games total between keybind reset and disconnects from it.. He was upset over that more than anything.. I got my 2200 achieve 3 months ago on this character... In wrath idk how long ago, either way I ended around 2600 in s8. More of that bullshit he made up to "get litre to play with him" in his defense it was.. I got a lot of messages about people telling me to kick him from the team and stuff.. Not going to do either because he explained everything and it didn't seem too bad. And if you look I only have around 1500 total games on this rogue played... You can look at the dates I got some of my earlier achieves and base what you think off that.

The truth is, he actually has never been above 2.2k. There was a topic on arena junkies the nerd started, asking people on why he couldn't break 2.2k. Now the cocky faggot is posting nonstop on AJ to show off the fact that he can fianlly post giving 1800 shitters advice whilst trying to save face. According to a few people in hey im mvp, he also bought his invite to the guild (as others have as well) He actually considers himself a 2.7k caliber rogue running that fucking retard comp as he was spamming for 2.7k exp players to replace his pally and hunter after left the team to play with another rogue. He probably wont every play another game and will just sit at that rating, collect glad title and sell his account. Smartest thing he can do tbh.

SixJax sucks, Gymped doesn't fit in, Movie tiem (originally posted on tumblr Mar 16th, 2011)

After seeing what a fu**ing failure SixJax is I decided it's time for me to blog this shit up, again. DOWN with Ming and Down with sixjax, POS site that will always be a shadow of what WoM was. New bloggers are no name nobodies, it's like WoM is trying to steal from blizzard and provide content for 1800 players instead of posting about arena drama. Random EU warrior, random warrior, random mage. WTF. Is Ming trying milking his name for whatever is worth since most 1800 players still care what he blogs about? I thought we would actually have quality bloggers. Truth is SIxJax will probably drop WoM 2.0 after a thread on AJ exposed the site for the pyramid like scheme it is.

Probably wont happen soon but it will due to the sites shit fluidity (cant even scroll down with out delay, wtf) horrible color scheme, shit bloggers and horrible comments section.

Anyways onto BG9 drama:

1. There is a rumor going around in the top players circle that once 4.2 hits there is going to only be 2 battle groups region wide. One west and one east. Who the fuck knows and cares about Europe?

2. Gymped left hey im mvp after tensions rose between him and the top players. They just couldn't handle his sarcastically cocky ego. He xfered to Duelist tier heaven; Rampshit where he literally got farmed to oblivion by 'Will Smith best rapper' and made them the r1 team on rampshit. Wintrading will ensue since 'Will Smith best rapper' very publicly queue dodges filo's team. He raged at poor Hypeqt and Deuss. Tisk tisk.

3. Hydra and co are planning to "steal" bussines from Arenarating/eranking by starting their own Arena boosting services. Way to be second, Europe.

4. A whole bunch of players got banned for using Pirox bot including Vileroze and his druid. Everyone else is pretty irrelevant. Yep.


Arthess 4:

Complete shit, seriously is this the type of play that happens on rampshit? All his opponents were just horrible (aside from Deuss' team) and I don't know why Outplayedz even played with him. Most matches he took highlight clips from he lost and he just sounds like a prepubescent faggot. NEXT.

Reckful 3:

Editing was bad, first song was way to ISH gameplay was amazing. That's all.