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Billian checks in a psych ward, Movie time, Arena selling woes (originally posted on tumblr on Apr 13th, 2011)

So after taking my long awaited bubble bath of the week, I go to my vanilla scented room, dimly turn on my brightness adjustable lamp and awake my computer from its short lived slumber. As I lotion my self up (don't like feeling ashy) I open a tab to see if any anyone interesting is streaming, to my surprise Deuss was actually doing arenas for once. A bigger surprise was to find the Fadezz in stream going on about one of the most entertaining super villains in the arena scene, Billian. As he told everyone of Billian's slow and painful meltdown he also told us he had just turned 20, congratulations to him. Anyways, back to the story. Appearently Billian's megalomania was the perpetrator in this sad tale of complete physical and mental breakdown.

Billian often described himself as the best looking WoW player. He had such a strong self image of both his physical appearance and his skill that, in his eyes, was never properly reflected back to him. He would always post pictures of himself on AJ and his xfire streams to seek not only acceptance but pity. Drama after drama after more drama was the vicious cycle you had to deal with if you were in anyway associated with the psychopath. His egotistical personality became rather troll, if you will, toward the end. Threads were made for the sole purpose of getting reactions and him indulging in the misery and misfortune of others. I always used to say Billian was a bodybuilder with a nerdy face but my god, this next pic takes it to a whole new level:

Things, however, went completely downhill for Billian when he posted a rather humiliating post (which can be found here) after he thought he was taking R1 in 5's. That was not the case, fortunately. A team by the name of 'Dont kill comfort' took R1 in the last minute before the servers went down and titles were handed out. Billian immediately deleted his post which was later re posted by Reckful himself. Billian did not stop there, for that post was merely a set back. A few weeks after Cata came out, Billian switched to his pally and Abn was still arcane. This upset Billian and Kigz as frost was ridiculously overpowered. Billian finally became fed up with Abn's stubbornness and publicly booted him from his team and made another post to humiliate Abn (link coming soon)

Billian continued down the road of self destruction as, apparently, some e-chick screwed him over.

[01:20] Fadezzilla: no drama
[01:20] Fadezzilla: bilian knew that
[01:20] Fadezzilla: never made a big deal out of it
[01:20] Fadezzilla: to bad he snapped tho
[01:20] Fadezzilla: i feel kinda sorry for him
[01:20] Fadezzilla: i knew him since BC
[01:20] Fadezzilla: and it was just a down hill slope for him
[01:20] Fadezzilla: once that echick fucked his head

After a while, it dawned on Billian that he literally had nothing. After all that time invested into this game he ended up with nothing. Billian was one of those people that thrived on people hating him. It came to the point where not even his teammates liked him. The game just got the best of him. It made him, molded him and it later destroyed him. According to Faddez he recently checked himself into a Psych ward. One player heading for a similar story is Gymped :(

[01:22] Fadezzilla: yeah
[01:22] Fadezzilla: it drove him crazy
[01:22] Fadezzilla: that i took wglad from him in 3s too
[01:22] Fadezzilla: :)
[01:22] Fadezzilla: but yeah
[01:22] Fadezzilla: even though hes a miserable human being
[01:22] Fadezzilla: its still sad

PVP movie time:

Mayo released his second movie last week and although the game play was grate the music taste was horrible, along with the unfunny skype convos. You can't expect too much, however, from a Jesus loving freak like him.

meh. 5/10

Kollektiv also released his 3rd (?) movies last week. Although I didn't quite enjoy it as much as his previous (mainly due to the fact that he didn't cast shit) it's deff worth a watch. Some of the matches are quite long but the music makes them a little less painful.

ok. 7.5/10

Neilyo series turned 16 this week after his latest release. What is there to say? amazing rogue, amazing play. His music is always so original and daring. Take a hint you dubstep loving retards. After reading his interview on AJ I must say I really hope he goes to WCG, would be amazing to see him back in tournaments.

Good. 8/10

There is a major rumor going around that shaking all arena selling services to the core. Well, two mainly, Eranking and Arenaratings. Apparently there is someone who is going to publish a list of everyone who bought any sort of packages from those 2 websites and publish them along with emails and character names. The unknown source is currently working for an up and coming arena selling website that will be marketed as "safe" hence the publishing of other websites customers!

Watch out!!


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