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Trip Deeps Drama (originally posted on tumblr on Apr 7th, 2011)

About 2-3 weeks ago, a triple DPS team surfaced on BG9s prestigious 3v3 ladder. Running Hunter/ret/rogue this team full of rival tier players quickly climbed to 2600ish. The team consisted of Dork, Nicolascage and team leader Hinatasan. While nobody really noticed or cared for them at first, the spotlight was suddenly shinning on them when someone made a thread on arena junkies.

i played these guys like 9x last night and lmao they do not deserve their ratings

i think we went like 7-2 vs them because at first we had no idea what to expect and they just globalled our shammy

but the next games the hunter fucking backpedals, runs in and lets us get into combat so we dont get sapped, and the pally didnt bubble in 2 of the games. they literally blow all their cooldowns in the most retarded manner i've ever seen

i have no idea if the rogue is half decent because all he does is open on the shammy and use 2 vanishes to garrote and cloak and pray they get a kill

The team is now disbanded as Hinatasan was spamming for new teammates earlier today after his teammates were secretly trying to replace him with Litreocoloa behind his back. Pathetic.

After the SS was posted, Hinatasan replied:

I've been getting hacked the past week and we lost about 5 games total between keybind reset and disconnects from it.. He was upset over that more than anything.. I got my 2200 achieve 3 months ago on this character... In wrath idk how long ago, either way I ended around 2600 in s8. More of that bullshit he made up to "get litre to play with him" in his defense it was.. I got a lot of messages about people telling me to kick him from the team and stuff.. Not going to do either because he explained everything and it didn't seem too bad. And if you look I only have around 1500 total games on this rogue played... You can look at the dates I got some of my earlier achieves and base what you think off that.

The truth is, he actually has never been above 2.2k. There was a topic on arena junkies the nerd started, asking people on why he couldn't break 2.2k. Now the cocky faggot is posting nonstop on AJ to show off the fact that he can fianlly post giving 1800 shitters advice whilst trying to save face. According to a few people in hey im mvp, he also bought his invite to the guild (as others have as well) He actually considers himself a 2.7k caliber rogue running that fucking retard comp as he was spamming for 2.7k exp players to replace his pally and hunter after left the team to play with another rogue. He probably wont every play another game and will just sit at that rating, collect glad title and sell his account. Smartest thing he can do tbh.

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