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Idra vs Root Gaming, how dead wow REALLY is?

Yesterday Root took turns playing against Idra while he was laddering. Although Idra easily defeated ROOTcatz and ROOTdestiny he fell to Minigun's super skillful sentry spam build. Idra's ever so predictable roach/hydra/infestor build just couldn't work with all the force fields. Idra rage ensued:

Today, during the EG masters cup, EG was conveniently playing against Root. First match is non other than Idra vs Minigun (lol) using the exact same strat Miningun 2-1'd Idra. After that morale was definitely lost for the team of EG as they all lost their series vs their respective Root opponents. EGAxslav lost to ROOTKiwikaki and EG(fat)strifCro lost to ROOTdrewbie. Really?

The matches after Idra were pretty much a joke, Root completely dominated EG and made EG look like Silver league players. What is it about EG and sponsoring the most average players for both Starcraft and WoW?

In boring WoW related news:

I recently stumbled upon a post where Affix was talking about how he bought Reckful's transfer from Blackrock to Tich for 10k gold which Reckful never paid, lol. Jewish much?

How sad, it's like Batman when the world (of warcraft) needs a hero to look up to in the darkest of times and I (the joker) expose him for the fraud, FotM, rating camper he really is. This game is as dead as Osama as the PvErs are bored to death and are rage quitting because of lol Encounter Journal (google it) and the the PvP scene dwindles down more and more everyday. The TR was a complete waste of money unless you plan on running Warlock/Shaman/X or anything with a frost DK.

WCG will probably back out on their plans to include WoW in their roster as no new information has been given and qualifying phase has already started for other games. Either they're going to take the top 8 from the TR and use that as the Blizzcon and WCG qualifiers or they completely scratched the idea. Either way I'm sure the prize money for 1st place for a game like WoW wont break the 3k mark.

Xfire, the only streaming site that doesn't ban people for streaming WoW has also gone barren. You know this is true when an African American S5 glad DK is 1st in views daily (averaging about 150 viewers daily). Very proud day for us members of the NAACP.

It's come down to the point where I'm 100% certain that the SC2 campaign at casual level takes more skill and dedication than playing at 3k MMR on BG9 (still the best and most competitive BG in the world)

RIP WoW 20??-Whenever Cata was released.


Nadagast tries to StarCraft

(watch stream here:

First game if IGN pro league. Players get named. Nadagast vs. Lalush. Commentators present Nadagast as a pro WoW player. Stream laughs. Nadagast loses after trying to turtle all day.


Gymped wintrading to R1 now?

I'm too lazy to blog about it so I'll just leave this here:


Tournament realm is up, Which teams will qualify, arena rumors!

Tournament Realm is up
After months of waiting and speculations, the newly named 'Arena Pass' realm is up and running. Thousands of 1800 caliber teams will pay $20 to play in a sandbox that will last about 8 weeks, they will be able to make 3 characters and find future long life friends. Expect to see retard comps like Double Frost DK/Shaman (Blizztard cleave), LSD and KFC. Looks like EU will have more cheese comps to run at Blizzcon this year and potentially take another undeserving tournament.

Alliance - Arena Tournament 1
Horde - Arena Tournament 2

Who will qualify?
Now this all just early speculation (but as it's coming from me it might as well be passed on as facts)

Reckful ( I'm pretty sure he WON'T be running with Talbadar and Mayo as shadow priests and druids aren't at the peak they were at during the first few months of the season. He will most likely run RLS with Toez and Snutz or RMP with Venruki and Sodah. I still suspect he will magically get R1 with that comp on bg9, though.

Talbadar + Mayo- They will probably have to go with slightly-above-average warlock Nadagast (since Azael doesn't like Mayo) and play shadowplay (or w/e the comp is called) The comp usually isn't very good vs RLS and chances are there will be quite a few,

Woundman- Woundman has been doing some soul searching for the past few months. Trying very hard to adapt to the new Cata game play and trying to outplay all these cheese comps that came with it. Azael, Cdew and Woundman are still a force to be reckoned with. Woundman officially dropped Assassination after trying to make it work at the beginning of Cata with very little success. I highly doubt Azael will be commentating at this years Blizzcon.

Big F-ing Benys- After going thorough a very disappointed dilemma with their shaman last year, this team might just make a comeback this year. Playing with Hornmitten (who is way better than Gravemind) this team has a serious chance of qualifying as they have taken R1 from Reckful on BG9, lets just hope their shaman doesn't "accidentally" drop from team again and stop them from attending. Will we finally be blessed with Benys' physique?

Fatvirus- After this brave soul attended MLG, Filo has kept pretty quiet. According to Gymped, Filo has actually improved a lot since his last showing at the now late MLG. Running Shadowcleave with Massives and Kollektive, this team will definitely have to work to qualify. Unless Massives decides to go frost.

Till next time friends!


Jamage will wintrade to r1

A few weeks ago Gymped, Yog, Velsus and Neilyo transferred to Cenarius to get R1 before the season ends. Unfortunately average mage Jamage made it clear he won't let that happen and publicly made it clear he would wintrade and "bug people" out of arena by DCing them. That's right, the so called DC bug is actually player caused. It's not clear how they do it but it was happening almost every match when Gymped was streaming.

Jamage gave them an ultimatum and ask them to join his 3s team(ONLY BECAUSE HE THOUGHT GYMPED WAS ACTUALLY HOODRYCH, LOL) to secure them R1 and avoid competition and dirty play with them. Nice job hiring wintraders skill-capped. Average rogue Perryo had other plans for Gymped, however:

[6:00:43 PM] Perry: u better join jamage charter asap
[6:00:47 PM] Perry: like today
[6:00:51 PM] Branden Vullo: why?
[6:00:58 PM] Perry: u wont take him down
[6:01:00 PM] Perry: hes very powerful
[6:01:31 PM] Perry: he will wintrade rite by u if u do manage to pass them in rating (which u wont until they fix the game bcuz we qd over and over and same thing happened to us is happening to u
[6:03:12 PM] Perry: join jamage charter
[6:04:15 PM] Perry: if u can fit
[6:04:19 PM] Perry: raped sry had 2 fit that in there
[6:04:22 PM] Perry: and then
[6:04:26 PM] Perry: q and fuck there teamover
[7:22:43 PM] Perry:
[7:23:28 PM] Perry: who
[7:23:38 PM] Perry: do u mean
[7:23:44 PM] Perry: o
[7:23:47 PM] Perry: ill give u clif notez
[7:23:53 PM] Perry: sec
[7:24:25 PM] Perry: ryan payne= the person who thru 30 games to jamagex team.
[7:24:32 PM] Perry: in return for jamage to play on there mage
[7:24:32 PM] Perry: to help them get glad
[7:26:03 PM] Perry: u wont get it with how bugged mmr is and them wintraidng lmfao
[7:26:28 PM] Perry: got tons more content but requires 2 much reading 4 u i imagine
[7:27:41 PM] Perry: then theres this that rogue that claimed thaty made a fake skype: notice diff birthdate no profile pic and diff skype name as well as blacked out everything indicating times so they dont get exposed.
[7:27:42 PM] Perry:
[7:28:10 PM] Perry: him trying 2 derail it
[7:28:14 PM] Perry: claiming someone else was on his skype