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Jamage will wintrade to r1

A few weeks ago Gymped, Yog, Velsus and Neilyo transferred to Cenarius to get R1 before the season ends. Unfortunately average mage Jamage made it clear he won't let that happen and publicly made it clear he would wintrade and "bug people" out of arena by DCing them. That's right, the so called DC bug is actually player caused. It's not clear how they do it but it was happening almost every match when Gymped was streaming.

Jamage gave them an ultimatum and ask them to join his 3s team(ONLY BECAUSE HE THOUGHT GYMPED WAS ACTUALLY HOODRYCH, LOL) to secure them R1 and avoid competition and dirty play with them. Nice job hiring wintraders skill-capped. Average rogue Perryo had other plans for Gymped, however:

[6:00:43 PM] Perry: u better join jamage charter asap
[6:00:47 PM] Perry: like today
[6:00:51 PM] Branden Vullo: why?
[6:00:58 PM] Perry: u wont take him down
[6:01:00 PM] Perry: hes very powerful
[6:01:31 PM] Perry: he will wintrade rite by u if u do manage to pass them in rating (which u wont until they fix the game bcuz we qd over and over and same thing happened to us is happening to u
[6:03:12 PM] Perry: join jamage charter
[6:04:15 PM] Perry: if u can fit
[6:04:19 PM] Perry: raped sry had 2 fit that in there
[6:04:22 PM] Perry: and then
[6:04:26 PM] Perry: q and fuck there teamover
[7:22:43 PM] Perry:
[7:23:28 PM] Perry: who
[7:23:38 PM] Perry: do u mean
[7:23:44 PM] Perry: o
[7:23:47 PM] Perry: ill give u clif notez
[7:23:53 PM] Perry: sec
[7:24:25 PM] Perry: ryan payne= the person who thru 30 games to jamagex team.
[7:24:32 PM] Perry: in return for jamage to play on there mage
[7:24:32 PM] Perry: to help them get glad
[7:26:03 PM] Perry: u wont get it with how bugged mmr is and them wintraidng lmfao
[7:26:28 PM] Perry: got tons more content but requires 2 much reading 4 u i imagine
[7:27:41 PM] Perry: then theres this that rogue that claimed thaty made a fake skype: notice diff birthdate no profile pic and diff skype name as well as blacked out everything indicating times so they dont get exposed.
[7:27:42 PM] Perry:
[7:28:10 PM] Perry: him trying 2 derail it
[7:28:14 PM] Perry: claiming someone else was on his skype


sp3nny said...

as always, great post!

Anonymous said...

Your statements are the epitome of slander. Completely fabricated claims in an attempt to deface a legitimate climb to rank one. You are basing this off the words of someone who was farmed down from just under rank one by Seestraightz rmp and ultimately provided them with the mmr and rating to pass to 2920.

Armagedda said...

I wouldn't put it past half the WoW community to wintrade or get carried through pve content but the anonymous poster does make a good point here dude.

Makel said...

Sometimes I am happy I stopped playing, times like this.

MrMrGoose said...

Hmm... never seen this before...
Anonymous user does bring up a point though.
Seems heavy.

SaysMichael said...

Excellent blog and excellent post!

Glaser said...

haha nice

Joomla said...

cool post

Francis said...

Lol I played with hoodrych in S2-S3 on KilJaeden. Nice reporting bro! +followed!

TV-Reports said...

Made me smile

Belial said...

Following! please check out all 3 of my blogs!

Joubz said...

Lol original post! following :B

Najal Sama said...

Great post!