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Tournament realm is up, Which teams will qualify, arena rumors!

Tournament Realm is up
After months of waiting and speculations, the newly named 'Arena Pass' realm is up and running. Thousands of 1800 caliber teams will pay $20 to play in a sandbox that will last about 8 weeks, they will be able to make 3 characters and find future long life friends. Expect to see retard comps like Double Frost DK/Shaman (Blizztard cleave), LSD and KFC. Looks like EU will have more cheese comps to run at Blizzcon this year and potentially take another undeserving tournament.

Alliance - Arena Tournament 1
Horde - Arena Tournament 2

Who will qualify?
Now this all just early speculation (but as it's coming from me it might as well be passed on as facts)

Reckful ( I'm pretty sure he WON'T be running with Talbadar and Mayo as shadow priests and druids aren't at the peak they were at during the first few months of the season. He will most likely run RLS with Toez and Snutz or RMP with Venruki and Sodah. I still suspect he will magically get R1 with that comp on bg9, though.

Talbadar + Mayo- They will probably have to go with slightly-above-average warlock Nadagast (since Azael doesn't like Mayo) and play shadowplay (or w/e the comp is called) The comp usually isn't very good vs RLS and chances are there will be quite a few,

Woundman- Woundman has been doing some soul searching for the past few months. Trying very hard to adapt to the new Cata game play and trying to outplay all these cheese comps that came with it. Azael, Cdew and Woundman are still a force to be reckoned with. Woundman officially dropped Assassination after trying to make it work at the beginning of Cata with very little success. I highly doubt Azael will be commentating at this years Blizzcon.

Big F-ing Benys- After going thorough a very disappointed dilemma with their shaman last year, this team might just make a comeback this year. Playing with Hornmitten (who is way better than Gravemind) this team has a serious chance of qualifying as they have taken R1 from Reckful on BG9, lets just hope their shaman doesn't "accidentally" drop from team again and stop them from attending. Will we finally be blessed with Benys' physique?

Fatvirus- After this brave soul attended MLG, Filo has kept pretty quiet. According to Gymped, Filo has actually improved a lot since his last showing at the now late MLG. Running Shadowcleave with Massives and Kollektive, this team will definitely have to work to qualify. Unless Massives decides to go frost.

Till next time friends!