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SixJax sucks, Gymped doesn't fit in, Movie tiem (originally posted on tumblr Mar 16th, 2011)

After seeing what a fu**ing failure SixJax is I decided it's time for me to blog this shit up, again. DOWN with Ming and Down with sixjax, POS site that will always be a shadow of what WoM was. New bloggers are no name nobodies, it's like WoM is trying to steal from blizzard and provide content for 1800 players instead of posting about arena drama. Random EU warrior, random warrior, random mage. WTF. Is Ming trying milking his name for whatever is worth since most 1800 players still care what he blogs about? I thought we would actually have quality bloggers. Truth is SIxJax will probably drop WoM 2.0 after a thread on AJ exposed the site for the pyramid like scheme it is.

Probably wont happen soon but it will due to the sites shit fluidity (cant even scroll down with out delay, wtf) horrible color scheme, shit bloggers and horrible comments section.

Anyways onto BG9 drama:

1. There is a rumor going around in the top players circle that once 4.2 hits there is going to only be 2 battle groups region wide. One west and one east. Who the fuck knows and cares about Europe?

2. Gymped left hey im mvp after tensions rose between him and the top players. They just couldn't handle his sarcastically cocky ego. He xfered to Duelist tier heaven; Rampshit where he literally got farmed to oblivion by 'Will Smith best rapper' and made them the r1 team on rampshit. Wintrading will ensue since 'Will Smith best rapper' very publicly queue dodges filo's team. He raged at poor Hypeqt and Deuss. Tisk tisk.

3. Hydra and co are planning to "steal" bussines from Arenarating/eranking by starting their own Arena boosting services. Way to be second, Europe.

4. A whole bunch of players got banned for using Pirox bot including Vileroze and his druid. Everyone else is pretty irrelevant. Yep.


Arthess 4:

Complete shit, seriously is this the type of play that happens on rampshit? All his opponents were just horrible (aside from Deuss' team) and I don't know why Outplayedz even played with him. Most matches he took highlight clips from he lost and he just sounds like a prepubescent faggot. NEXT.

Reckful 3:

Editing was bad, first song was way to ISH gameplay was amazing. That's all.

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